Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Little Venice of London, England

In my last post, I shared about colourful Camden Town in London, England.  Since living in England and making multiple weekend trips down to London, we've discovered that there is always something more to see in London.  It doesn't end after seeing Big Ben and Westminster Abbey... oh no, there is so, so much more to see!  This leads me to Little Venice.  I had no idea that this even existed until after living here for 6 months.  If you continue walking along Regents Canal from Camden Town, you'll come across this extremely beautiful area of the city.  "Little Venice" is where two canals meet, and you'll find rows and rows of long boats, that are waving colourful flags and housing their own rooftop gardens.  The community of longboats along Regents Canal intrigues me.  I imagine what it would be like to live in one of these boats, tend to my garden and make friends with a tight-knit community.  Wandering through here is like taking a step out of the chaos of the big city, and into a greener, simpler, and artful community.  I also imagine that living here would cost a pretty penny... you are in the heart of London, one of the most expensive cities I've ever been in (besides Reykjavik.... where a beer cost 10 dollars (Canadian) at our hostel).  We spent a couple hours in Little Venice, just wandering.  Though you can't really compare it to Venice, Italy, I still loved taking in the pretty sights of this area of London.  You can even take a ride on a punt boat (aka Englands version of a gondola) while being serenaded by someone on the ukulele. 

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