Sunday, 7 February 2016

Market Life in Chiang Mai: Photography Week One

If you've ever visited a market in Thailand (or Asia for that matter), you'll know that it can be senses overload.  The sights, sounds, smells (good AND bad)... it all adds up to be quite an experience.  So, for my first photo project of the month, I decided to head to Wararot Market here in Chiang Mai.  This place is like a travel photographer's dream.  There is always SO much happening.  You can find anything from hand woven goods to live frogs to colourful fabrics and Thai apparel... you name it, it's probably there.  Markets like these seem to have a culture of their own.  Some markets here in the city are open all night long (not this one in particular), and it's not uncommon to find someone sleeping behind piles of bananas and coconuts.  I've found myself wandering through yards and yards of fabric, I've encountered fluffy dogs dressed in sweaters (some nice and some unfortunately not so nice), and have been caught of guard by finding live turtles and eels in buckets.  There's lots of food to try and lots of smells to be smelled.  Zack and I have come here a few times to just wander and take it all in.  This week, I tried to capture the many colours, textures, and culture I see when I visit Wararot Market.

These guys were friendly :) There were four of them in sweaters.
Rolls and rolls of fabric
Some mung beans dry in the sun.
Charcoal sits out in the sun on top of a motorbike.  Charcoal is commonly used here to settle upset stomachs.
This whole family probably arrived on one motorbike.  Okay, maybe two...
There are small birds in those little straw cages.
Live frogs and turtles for sale...
Live eels.
Someone in this photo stands out like a sore thumb..... 
Dressed up for the Flower Festival in Chiang Mai.  Four guys on one motorbike
An that, my friends, is a small dose of Warorot Market.  I'd love to capture more of the people I see here, but that will come in time.  There is a LOT more to see and capture in Chiang Mai and I hope to have another post ready for you in one weeks time.

If you're reading this- thanks for taking the time.  I hope you enjoyed this!


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