Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Hiking Doi Chiang Dao

Last weekend, 8 of us drove our motorbikes just over an hour north of Chiang Mai to reach the small town of Chiang Dao.  Chiang Dao is an awesome place to just relax and enjoy the scenery, go climbing, visit some natural hotsprings, or even hike the mountain.  We checked into our accommodations (Chiang Dao Nest.. which I would highly recommend) on Friday night and set out for the hike on Saturday morning.  A few of us had already done this hike before and knew that it would most likely take the whole day to hike up and then back down (including breaks for rests and lunch).  We were extremely lucky to have beautiful weather for the hike and enjoyed basking in the sun at the top of the mountain (as opposed to last time when we were there at sunset- it was freezing cold!).  I am so thankful to have friends that are up for these types of activities. I would also highly recommend this hike for anyone spending time in the Chiang Mai area who wants to get out and see some beautiful mountains!

The crew! Minus myself. 
Start of the hike.
Beginning the trek UP!
The first part of the trail is fairly steep up.
15 minutes into the hike and already being rewarded with views like this.
Crazy Jungle trees aka Curly Fry
Palm sap!
Remember to stop and turn around.  The views were spectacular.
The entire crew at the top.  

Beginning our descend.

As the sun began to set lower in the sky, the light made the trail look even more magical on the way down.
What a beautiful hike this was!  I'll end off by re-capping a few last details about this trip:

How we got there: motorbike from Chiang Mai
How long it took to get there: Roughly 1 hr 25 min (no stops)
Accommodations: Chiang Dao Nest.  We had two 2-bedroom bungalows that exceeded all of our expectations.  Excellent restaurants as well with really nice ambiance.

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