Thursday, 12 March 2015

My Creative Pursuit Week 5

I am excited about the month of March.  Not just because I can finally feel that spring is in the air (though I am in sanely excited about that!), but because of my little project I have going on this month.  This project I've decided to call: Knit and Give. The idea is, I'll dedicate a little bit of time each day to working on a small knitted project, so that by the end of each week, I have something to give!  They will be small projects so that I can actually acheive my goal of giving at the end of each week.  Just 15 minutes before before bed (or whenever) would be ideal for me, so that again, I don't feel like it becomes a chore.  I know it's an odd month to be doing this (I'm pretty sure I'm ready to toss aside my gloves and toque for the season), and I do realize that these small projects might not actually be worn until next fall/winter.  But that's okay, I'm really just excited to give these away!  I love having an end goal that involves giving gifts and I am excited to share what I have created each week!

So, week number one.  What did I make and who received my little gift?

I made two black headbands and gave them to two lovely girls I know from work, Cami and Iri.  It was an easy call for me, because it was their birthday (they are twin sisters!) and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give a handmade gift.  I used my own head as a measurement guide (I have a pretty small head, but I'm not the only one!), and the headbands turned out pretty stretchy anyways, so it seems like a "one size fits all" type of project.  Once I completed the main band, I knit a small piece to sew around it to make it look like a bow.  This literally was my first time sewing (I grew up playing more sports than doing domestic things like sewing), but thanks to youtube, it turned out alright!  

In the end, I was left with two pretty headbands for two pretty girls.  :)

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